MightyMitty Design is now Candeavor.

We began MightyMitty Design Studio in mid 2010. For five years we ran a successful design agency based in the Silicon Valley. During that time, our team evolved and changed as with any company. In early 2015, our founder Mitty decided to rebrand the company. In March 2015, we launched Candeavor, a digital marketing and design agency based in the Silicon Valley. Throughout 2015 we worked on growing the Candeavor name, while providing support to our existing customers from MightyMitty. We spent the rest of 2015 transitioning our legacy clients and projects from MightyMitty to the new Candeavor brand.

As of December 2015, we have officially closed MightyMitty Design Studio as a business entity, and move into 2016 with a single, cohesive brand: Candeavor. We invite you to visit our new agency.

To our customers, we thank you for the journey thus far. We will continue to provide customer support and services to all MightyMitty clients through Candeavor.